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I went to Del Toro looking for a vehicle that would be suitable for my 18 year old son. He wanted to finance something to build credit and after several other lots with high pressure sales and over priced vehicles, we ended up at Del Toro, it was a completely different experience. The sales staff were friendly and extremely helpful, they asked a lot of question to find out what car would be suitable and they found him the perfect car at a great price and with financing he could afford. I would recommend Del Toro time and time again. Thank you guys!! :)

- Tara McKenzie

Del Toro Auto Sales is a car dealer where you arrive and get good customer service. They kindly show you their stock around the dealership and you instantly feel welcome. They have cars at good prices and offer a variety of cars to choose from. Next time I need a car I will definitely visit Del Toro Auto Sales to make a purchase. If someone is in a need of buying a car, I recommend Del Toro Auto Sales. Sincerely, Laura

- Laura Guzman

I Went into Del Toro looking for a replacement car after a total loss accident. The salesman sat down with us and went through the entire inventory to identify possibilities, listening to our likes and dislikes, price caps and vehicle requirements. The selection was solid, and we identified several possibilities quickly. After test driving, it was a no-brainer. The staff was knowledgeable, very helpful, friendly and personable. I would recommend this dealership without hesitation, and will be referring friends.

- Dylan Zoerb

I recommend them and had a great time and Allan even came to my home to give me a ride to pick the car up. I would say come and buy a car here. Peace, Roger.

- Roger Swanson

Really nice people to do business with. It was a low pressure and easy process. I would recommended Del Toro to anyone looking for a great deal on a clean used car or truck.

- James Whitman

I called Del Toro Auto and inquired about a certain vehicle. They had what I was looking for. I set up a time to come look at the vehicle. I told them how much I wanted to put down and that my credit wasn't so good. They told me no problem. During the test drive they assured me the car was in excellent condition and even Had a CAR FAX to prove. I since then have purchased the vehicle and am very happy. I will DEFINETLY return to Del Toro to purchase my next vehicle. Thanks to Oscar and Ardan.

- Adelita Ortiz

Love my car!! Thank you del toro auto sales for making my first car buying experience awesome!

- Maria Lopez

I was very impressed with the knowledge and friendliness of the staff. Not only did they treat me with the utmost respect and cordiality, they also went above and beyond in their efforts to make sure I got the best car for me at the best rate. I would definitely come here again.

- Cole Sekaly

I bought my first car from Del Toro Auto sales. A 2001 Volvo S40. The customer service was great. They worked around the clock to get me financed. Even after I bought the car the check engine light came on , and they told me to bring it back down and they would see what they could do about it. Oscar even made random calls to me to see how I liked the car. I would recommended Del Toro Auto Sales to all my friends and family!!!

- Kymberly Miller

Wow!! What a nice surprise to be treated with dignity & respect by a used car dealership which deals with people who have poor or no credit. I really dislike used car sales people and was pleasantly surprised to meet Hugo at Del Toro Auto sales in Auburn, WA. Hugo was genuinely concerned that I needed a reliable vehicle & sincerely made the effort to help. He did not rush me and answered my questions honestly...when he didn't know the answer he said so!! Unlike some other dealerships, Del Toro asked me to pick some cars that interested me and we would go from there. We were able to find a car I am quite happy with thus far at a payment plan I am very pleased with. Del Toro has a nice selection of clean reasonably priced vehicles with relatively decent mileage. The Auburn lot and office are attractive and buyer friendly. Those of us who, for whatever reason, cannot buy from a big dealership need not be ashamed of our circumstances and allow ourselves to be mistreated. I am very happy with Del Toro's professionalism as a used car dealer AND personal attention they show to their customers. I am quite pleased with my Saturn and definitely recommend them as a good solution to others. Check them out if you are anywhere near the Auburn, WA area...they are sincere and will do their best to help you...not take advantage of you. Thumbs up for Del Toro!!!!

- Hollywood 06/26/2013

Thank you Del Toro auto sales for making my first used car buying experience awesome!

- Maria 11/04/2013

This place was somewhat of a small used car dealership in the town of Auburn, WA. But the people inside were so nice. I got here thinking that they were going to try to take advantage of me but they didn't, they got to the point, told anything that I wanted to know regarding my 2007 Chevy Impala. I thought my credit was horrible but they made me feel like if it was one of a kind. I just had a repossession about 6 months ago and they worked around that and got me into a car. I was like what? Awesome place I recommended to anyone looking for a used car in the Auburn area.

- Albita from Tacoma WA | August 26, 2013

So I just got out of School I am 18 and I thought no one is going to be able to finance me. I GOT NO CREDIT. But I knew I was going to be buying a beater and I went to the used car lots in Auburn with the lowest expectations ever. One of the sales man name Miguel help me out and he said well let’s see what we have asked me to do a credit and I was like whatever then he said lets go look at cars and we went but I notice that all the cars they had were no beaters they were pretty nice looking cars. But then he took me to a 2006 Mazda 6 I was like can I afford this and he said yes according to my financial manager. Well to make the story short with no credit I was able to my new favorite used car lot in Auburn, WA with pretty much a wonderful car and low payment of 200dls. Unbelievable. Great place my sister is turning 18 next month I know we are going to go get a car.

- Jackie from Federal Way, WA | August 31, 2013

I happened to have stumbled on this used car lot just looking for a good, cheap car. Chris worked within my budget and we promptly found a car that fit me well. I really like my "new" car, as do my friends and coworkers. The people at Del Toro in Auburn, WA were very friendly and helpful. I am very happy with my car.

- Cat Zemler, Renton

I would recommend Del Toro as a great used car dealer in Auburn, WA to anyone who needs a used car. I couldn't find a nice vehicle anywhere but I called Del Toro and they didn't turn me down. Sostenes Rodriguez helped me find what I needed and was very proffesional. We got in and out with a nice car with affordable monthly payments.

- Lynette Sabino-Alonz, Seatac

Chris was a such a big help to me. Every other lot I went to in Auburn the salespeople just ignored me and gave up when I said I had bad credit issues. He said he could get me approved and he did! I recommend anyone looking for a used car to shop at Del Toro in Auburn, WA!

- Luis Gonsalves, Tacoma

Buen servicio, rapidez y sobre todo disponibilidad para atender a los clientes por parte del personal sobre todo del buen amigo Sostenes Rodriguez.

- Mauro Pacheco, Federal Way

The people at Del Toro in Auburn, WA were great. They worked within my budget and found the used car that fit my needs I would say they are the best used car dealer in Auburn!

- Kevin Byrd, Maple Valley

Sostenes was a good salesman and a professional and it is a very good experience all together. I believed that I got a good purchase at Del Toro! I am glad I went up to Auburn to check out their used car dealership!

- Maria Rennie, Tacoma

Great people, great service, competitve prices and great deals on used cars and trucks!! Found what I liked and was in and out in no time.

- Mike Hughes, Federal Way

I highly recommend Del Toro Auto Sales. They were really helpful. Sostenes Rodriguez is very professional at his job - coming to see them in Auburn, WA was the best experience I ever had. Don't waste your time at another used car dealer - if you're looking for a used car come to Del Toro. They'll work with you and they got the best inventory and affordable prices in Auburn, and probably in Washington State.

- Stan Adde, Tacoma

Great experiance. Quick and easy. I recommend Del Toro to everyone looking for a great used car dealer in Auburn, WA.

- Jeff Moore, Auburn

We had a very good experience at Del Toro. Sostenes helped us with everything and was very nice. We would recommend Del Toro to anyone looking for used cars in Auburn, WA.

- Martha Anthony, Auburn

Loved these guys!! They were friendly, took their time and were not pushy like most car dealers!! I highly recommend Del Toro Auto Sales to anyone looking for used cars in Auburn, WA!! Come down here because if you don't then your waisting your time! Thank you Del Toro for making me one of your family.

- Theresa Bowron, Kent

Vine al dealer Del Toro Auto Sales y me ayudó Sostnes Rodriguez yo les recomiendo a todos mis latinos que si andan buscando un carro vengan al dealer Del Toro ellos les ayudan con todo y se llevan un carro hoy ven y no pierdas tu tiempo en otro dealer.

- Liliana Garcia, Federal Way

I came to buy a used car and they were friendly and got me into a car that same day. I am happy with my new used car. Come down to Auburn and see Del Toro Auto Sales!

- Catrina Herr, Auburn

These guys were very helpful. They got me in and out with the car I wanted with a price I wanted. Would buy from them again if given the chance.

- Jeff DeWitt, Bothell

Fui al Del Toro Auto Sales y me atendio Saturn Morales gracias al el sali manejando feliz, gracias. Ahora soy uno mas de la familia Del Toro Auto Sales.

- Hugo Rosales, Seattle

So far, so great with my car purchase from Del Toro Auto Sales. Thank you for a nice car buying experience.

- Reva Ballard, Seatac

I am proud to tell anybody who's looking for a used car in Auburn, WA: I just bought two vehicles at Del Toro. My sister is in in the process of buying a 2006 Kia Sedona van there too. These people will help you finance your vehicle - it doesn't matter what kind of credit you have - they will get you approved. And they're friendly people too.

- Steve Leau, Auburn

I was very impressed on how fast service I had recieved when I walked on the used car lot. Anthony was very helpful and knew what I wanted. Thank you... a lot.

- William Ott, Gig Harbor

Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA has the best customer service! Saturn helped me buy a perfect Saturn and was a great salesman. Thank you so much Del Toro!!!!

- Marcede Spears, Auburn

Anthony was great and the serice was awesome! Thanks!

- Shannon Larocque, Orting

I was running out of options on finding a car till I went to Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA. They were very helpful in putting me in a used car that fit my budget. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a used car.

- Jessica Mitchell, Kent

Anthony, Bruce, and Saturn have been some amazing people to meet. They helped me get a used car when I needed one the most so I really recommend them to whomever is looking for a car in Auburn, WA. So once again thank you Bruce, Anthony and Saturn.

- Anita Perez, Kent

Anthony was a great help for me in my experience while getting my new car at Del Toro Auto Sales. I appreciate how patient he was with me while I was looking fo a used car.

- Ricardo Perez, Federal Way

Customer Service was excellent, the used car runs great. I would recommend other people to purchase a used car from Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA. Thank you very much for allowing me to purchase the car I wanted. I am very satisfied with your service.

- George Watne, Seatac

I bought a 1998 Gran Prix from Del Toro today. With them it is not the used car, it's the customer service. It's the way they handle the customer. I appreciate their service. The minute you walk in they welcome you. I am enjoying my used car!

- Serafin Lika, Seatac

The salesman who helped me was Saturn Morales. He was very courteous, helpful and efficient, and was a pleasure doing business with. I thank your business for pricing your used cars at a price many can afford.

- Patricia Jenkins, Federal Way

I just want to say that the Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA is the best company you can ever go to to get help and great services thru...They are a great company with great people working there making sure that you are well taking care of and they really do an oustanding job by looking out for their customers...Bruce the Manager is a great, awesome guy along with his employees that sell and also his mechanic crew...I love making business with the Del Toro Auto Sales, they are a loving, reliable company that you can depend your life on thru a better used car for your family and they will work with you to get a better deal on any used car you set your mind to...Del Toro is the place for you to shop and to fellowship with the employees....We love it there and for as long as we live, we will shop and stay with the Del Toro for as long as we can...Thank you Del Toro Auto Sales for being friendly and for helping my famnily out with our used cars in Auburn, WA...God Bless and continue on with the Great Work!!!!

- Faivale Lemaveve, Auburn

I didn't have many options available to me when I went to Del Toro in Auburn, WA. I needed a used car bad, and didn't think that I would be able to get one unless I have thousands of dollars in my pocket. But they helped me out! The sales team was very understanding and considerate of my situation! They took the time to work with me and talk to me to find me the best deal and used car for me! They weren't pushy and made sure that is was something that I wanted. I left there in a way nicer car than I thought I could get! The salesman Mike was so nice and knew what he was doing! THANK YOU DEL TORO TEAM!!!!!!

- A Nicole Gatewood, Auburn

I love my used car that I bought from Saturn! He worked with me and was really understanding! I would send anyone there for a good used car! I never felt pressured or like he needed to sell a car! Thank you Saturn and Del Toro!!!

- Whitney Kane, Auburn

Del Toro Auto Sales is the best place to buy a used car. I purchased a car from them and received the best service from the salesmen. I would highly recommend them to any friends/family of mine who are looking for a vehicle in or near Auburn.

- Sara Hansen, Auburn

Que facil fue compra mi primer auto en Del Toro Auto Sales. Una amabilidad super y una pasencia al responder a mis preguntas. Muchas Gracias al persona de Del Toro Auto Sales.

- Osbaldo Anguiano, Seatac

I again want to thank you for the best experience ever in terms of buying a used car. I love my used VW Passat!


If anyone were to ask me I'd say your dealership is spotless clean; your sales staff is the most professional and polite group of people I have ever met; your process is quick and painless; your level of service is second to none; and lastly, your prices on used cars have saved me thousands of dollars compared to buying from a mainline dealership in Auburn.


I would highly recommend your used car dealership to anyone who is looking to either buy or sell a used car. Once again, thank you and best wishes.

- Bruce White, Fife

I bought a used car from Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn, WA back in August of 2009. The salesman, Saturn, was so helpful before and after the sale. He helped me find a car for my daughter that she absolutely loved. The manager was also very helpful in helping me with the financing. I would not hesitate to purchase another used car from Del Toro!

- Angelina Doyle, Auburn

In April 2009, I had alot of car troubles, and didn\'t really want a car payment. However, I couldn\'t afford to keep putting money into a car over and over again. I didn\'t even think I would be able to trade my car in. Driving home one day in Auburn, WA I saw Del Toro and gave them a call. I came to Del Toro the next week and Saturn quickly helped me find a quality used car with low monthly payments and a short term loan. He didn\'t put me in a used car he wanted, he got me into the car that I wanted and what I was comfortable with. Thank you Saturn! -

- Christina Abner, Auburn

I gotta say, Saturn and Bruce at Del Toro in Auburn, WA really worked it for me to get me into a car. I was scared, but once I got into the car they suggested for me - I LOVED IT!! Great little car, VERY understanding and helpful staff!! I recommend Del Toro Auto Sales to anyone looking for a great used car in Auburn, for sure!

- Leah Busch, Auburn

This has been one of finest car buying experiences I've had. The used cars on the lot appear well researched and then hand picked. Sales staff are knowledgeable, friendly and easily available without being the least bit pushy. My used car was clean, well detailed, warmed up and ready to go when I was. I felt valued and respected by everyone at the dealership. I judge my car to be a solid value at a very fair price. I recommend Del Toro Auto Sales to anyone looking seriously for a car in Auburn, WA.

- Randall Potter, Federal Way

I just wanted to thank you guys for selling my Ford Explorer. I can’t believe you sold it so fast. I tried without success to sell it for 6 months before I consigned it with you. Thank you for the check – now I can pay some of my nagging bills. You guys are great!

- Ted Stoner, Wenatchee

The gentleman that worked with me was Mike. He was very caring and helpful when choosing the right used car for me. He also worked very hard to make sure I got a good deal on my new car. I would very highly recommend him to my friends and family. The whole experience was very good and I feel as though the whole Del Toro team worked well together. Thank You Mike for helping and assisting me to get my used Mustang! You are awesome!

- Mavis Quande, Seattle

It was time to buy a used car. I needed more comfort and safety. I found Del Toro Auto Sales in Auburn. I talked with them, went to see what they had and asked if they have a car I wanted, Chryseler Pacifica, they said yes and they did. The car is like new. At the moment I have no reason to complain and when I need to change oil or need something, I call, they are always ready to help. THANK YOU DEL TORO AUTO SALES FOR THE HELP. I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR CUSTOMER.

- Jesse DaCruz, Seattle

I am very glad I went to Del Toro Auto Sales. Sales people were very pleasant and they try to work out the best deal they can offer to their customer. They also have their own mechanics and that makes me feel more comfortable buying a car from them. Unlike big dealerships in Puyallup and Auburn, this is a low-budget customer friendly used car dealer. I would recommend Del Toro Auto Sales to anyone who needs a car but doesn’t have too much budget, or anyone who wants to save money.

- Taka Ikeda, Puyallup

I would recommend Del Toro time and time again. Thank you guys!! :) Tara McKenzie
Next time I need a car I will definitely visit Del Toro Auto Sales to make a purchase. Laura Guzman
I recommend them and had a great time and Allan even came to my home to give me a ride to pick the car up. I would say come and buy a car here. Roger Swanson
I would recommend this dealership without hesitation, and will be referring friends. Dylan Zoerb
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